DIY Beauty Treatments

Six DIY Beauty Treatments

As women we all love and deserve some pampering. From a deep tissue massage or eyelash extensions to add a smokey eye look we find ourselves spending quite often just to look our best. Unfortunately if there are bills to be paid, groceries to be bought and seemingly endless expenses finding a way to get some extra cash for beauty expenses can be difficult.

Although we may want to leave the big stuff like hairstyle changes to the experts finding ways to beautify ourselves with simple yet effective beauty treatments that will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated without causing a dent in your wallet.

Here are six DIY home beauty treatments from Stephanie James that are simple yet effective:


You can save the around $50 by doing your own mani-pedi at home. Have a movie night, soak your hands and feet and paint your nails your favorite color.


There are so many homemade facial scrubs that work wonders for the skin. Steam your face and begin finding the scrubs that work the best for you.

Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Look up some natural homemade hot oil hair treatments, leave it in for fifteen minutes to add some shine to your locks.

Whiten Your Teeth

You do not need to spend on commercial whitening strips or expensive whitening treatments. Simple baking soda and peroxide are an excellent DIY option to brighten your pearly whites.

Body Scrub

Why spend on pricey commercial scrubs when you can make your own at home. There are many options out there but my personal favorite is simply made with olive oil and brown sugar and leaves your skin soft and clean.

Take The Tweezers To Brow

Plucking any out of place hairs around the brow area can make all the difference with your look. By plucking as opposed to waxing or threading you can avoid taking off too much of your brow.

There are so many options when it comes to home beauty treatments, a simple trim of the bangs, a bit of neon color in the hair, a blow out before date night etc can go a long way in helping you feel refreshed and beautified without having to overspend. Take the time to look up some homemade beauty treatment recipes that you would be interested in trying and take the time to pamper yourself at home. Dust off the nail polishes, get yourself a cute bucket to soak your feet in and make the time to find out what works best for you, you will not regret it.