Best Beauty Treatments

Three Unique Spa Therapies That Everyone Should Try

When it comes to receiving a world-class treatment from an expert beauty therapist, there aren’t many services that can’t be booked in regular day spas. As times change and technology advances, there are more and more services that are being added to the lists – and of these, a few in particular don’t receive half of the recognition that they deserve.

Whether you’re looking for something new to try, or if you’d simply like to enjoy one of the latest types of treatments available; take a look at the three listed below and you’ll be guaranteed to find something that might appeal to you.

A full body polish

Combining the most prominent techniques featured in facials, exfoliations and dermal buffing procedures; body polishing is unlike anything else available. A therapist will begin by massaging a unique formula of natural ingredients into their client’s skin, before adding water to cause it to foam up. This foamy formula will then be massaged all around the entirety of a person’s body – from the back of the skull down to the balls of the feet. It will then be rinsed away, revealing a smooth, clean complexion.

Salt glow therapies

Sometimes referred to as a salt scrub or a sea salt exfoliation, a salt glow is one of the most effective therapies available. It can help to restore youth and vitality to even the most damaged of dermal layers. Salt is a natural cleaning agent and its abrasive nature when finely ground also makes it brilliant at removing dead and dying skin cells. A salt glow therapy works by applying dry salt to the skin and then massaging it across the external dermal layer. When done gently, this can lift away dirt, oil and dead cells to provide a shining glow to the skin once cleaned away.

Vichy Showers

This unique type of shower isn’t like climbing into a tub and washing the day’s oil away. Instead, a person will be required to lay down on a waterproof table (naked barring a towel to cover extremities), before being covered in layers of organic mud and sand. The therapist will then turn a multitude of shower heads on – each of which will wash the layer of mud away, providing a form of both massage and dermal cleanse simultaneously.

Whether you are wanting to schedule your very first treatment, or if you’re a skilled beauty parlor goer wanting to make your next visit; you will unquestionably wish to be familiar with a little bit more about exactly what you can get out of the services at hand. Many beauty parlor provide a range of functions– the majority of which can be delighted in as often as you like. So, exactly what can you anticipate from your regional institute exactly?

Hair treatments

If there’s something that salons specialise in, it’s the treatment of hair. From a cut and blow dry all the way to re-colouring sessions and updating styles; when it comes to your hair you can rest assured that there’s no higher services than the ones featured by a respectable professional.

Skin treatments

Looking young has never been much easier and thanks to the dozens of available therapies, there’s no wrinkle unfathomable to fix, or no indication of aging unable to be dealt with. From basic facials that can assist to renew skin cells, all the method to advanced peels that act to remove dead cells from your face in order to expose a smooth, clear skin; your alternatives are limitless.

Nail treatments

Manicures and pedicures are two of the most popular services readily available to customers and for good factor! If you wish to improve the look of your fingernails, have incorrect nails fitted, or have them painted by a professional– look no even more. The very same uses to your toe nails too, so all that you’ll need to do is to select the treatment that you want.


The human body is covered in hair– but thanks to the potential of waxing facilities, no patch of hair needs to be where it isn’t valued. From eyebrow waxing to improve and define your eyebrows, all the way to leg, underarm and even pubic hair removal services– there are no regions out of reach and you’ll be baby-smooth in no time at all.